Be heard.

Forget building those lengthy newsletters and start sending notifications directly to your clients, investors, or any community member.

Say goodbye to unread emails and noisy group chats and let your audience filter out the noise and read only information that's relevant to them!

Keep you community informed

Hello Micro-Newsletters!

Easy to Use

Write the message you wish, select the channel, and just hit send.

No more SPAM

Users have full control of which messages they wish to receive, so no one will ever report you as SPAM again.

Be relevant

Users will only read what interests them. Your communication will be 100% relevant to each member of your community.

Communication for communities made simple.


Loro helps you be heard

Notify your community members and help them stay in the loop. No more long emails or noise conversations in group chats. Simply write the message and let the magic happen.

  • Your channel can be public or private
  • Send as many notifications as you like (users control SPAM for you)
  • Quickly add or delete new alert types

Community members love Loro.

Users can select which types of messages they wish to receive. This reduces SPAM completely and makes people interested each time they receive a notification from their community. The days when you needed to painfully unsubscribe from emails are over. With Loro you get 100% relevant information.

  • Subscribe to as many communities as you like
  • Full control over what alerts you receive
  • Unsubscribe with one tap
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